arubaFrom now on it is possible to take Krav Maga lessons in Aruba and The Dutch Antilles. Ton van Leusden, Expert 4, owner of Kravmaga Brabant in the Netherlands will be giving these lessons to small groups or to someone who prefers private Krav Maga lessons. Ton van Leusden is member of the Gabi Noah International Krav Maga IKM organization that operates Kravmaga schools worldwide and now starts with Krav Maga Aruba.

Krav Maga lessons in Aruba and the Dutch Antilles

International Krav Maga Aruba led by Ton van Leusden Expert 4, specializes in customized training.
It is important with a customized training that both parties feel good with regard to the way of teaching, the creativity in the training, and the progress of the student.
New students in Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles therefore always have an introductory meeting in advance. During this meeting the general condition, coordination, condition, motor skills and expectations are evaluated.
After the introductory meeting, the expectations will be discussed and when there is a mutual click between the student and trainer a training schedule will be made.
krav maga training aruba
The reason is that both student and krav maga instructor will spent several hours together. Therefore training conditions and atmosphere must be optimal. Only then you get the best results from these (private) krav maga lessons and that is what Krav Maga Aurba and the Netherlands Antilles aim for.

 In order to achieve the maximum return, the students are closely monitored during the Krav Maga Lessons and the training will be constantly adjusted to the student. At the end of the training, points of improvement are discussed and the training is evaluated.

Mental teambuilding workout with krav maga Aruba

A motivated and friendly atmosphere in the workplace or within an organization is the basis of every professional management.
To confirm this principle, it is important that togetherness and team spirit is part of the team, and that a sense of solidarity, strength and dedication is achieved.

International Krav Maga Aruba is a healthy professional sports company under the wings of Master Gabi Noah International Krav Maga IKM. They provide self-defense and team building training for both the physical and mental aspects. Training will be based on commitment, mutual cooperation and the right mindset.

Krav Maga is a self-defense system with which you can defend yourself and others in an appropriate way and bring yourself to safety.

krav maga aruba dutch antilles
International Krav Maga Aruba and the Antilles, led by Ton van Leusden Expert 4 stands for a sporting challenge, in which every participant can train at his own level to achieve a piece of functional resilience. Krav Maga training is very effective and accessible to everyone from 14 years and older.

It is therefore the perfect combination of self-defense offered on behalf of International Krav Maga Aruba and the Antilles, where you can work towards a common and pre-set goal with friends, girlfriends, fathers, mothers with teenagers and colleagues for a reality training where togetherness, condition, coordination, efficiency, power, and mindset come together.

Krav Maga Instructor Ton van Leusden Expert 4 IKM

van leusden krav magaAll lessons are given by Ton van Leusden. He is an expert 4 level Krav maga instructor. The highest achievable level is level 5! So you get the best training possible. He has experience with training men, woman and kids but also Military, VIP, Security, Law Enforcement, Teambuilding’s en Business training.

He lived 4 years on the island and served as a Marine on Aruba en the Dutch Antilles. Here you will find his resume.

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